Fire Volleyball is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on a mission to provide leadership training to groups and elite volleyball training to underserved female athletes in the Atlanta area. Our goal is to change lives and prepare young females for a successful adult life through the game of volleyball. Sports can open doors for so many opportunities, but financial barriers can often times prevent players from getting the training they need in order to play at the next level. We not only want to provide the fundamental training they need to successfully play volleyball, we also want to equip them with the confidence, leadership skills, and life skills needed to be successful at that level and beyond.



Leadership Training

Learning how to be confident in who you are and serving others around you are vital characteristics of leaders. Many want to lead, but few want to serve. Serving others is a huge part of our leadership training. If a leader has the best interest of the team in mind, over any personal gain, then they can actually lead successfully.

Elite Volleyball Training

We specialize in preparing young athletes for the next level. College and a college education is the goal for these middle school student athletes. Combined with their work ethic and our volleyball training, we are excited to see what doors open for in their future with their growth and development.


In the proper setting and given the green light, we teach how to apply lessons in faith to sports because it goes hand-in-hand. If you want confidence, look to God who created you to the detail and never messes up. If you want to learn how to let go of your mistakes on the court, look to God who lets go of all of our mistakes because of Jesus. A player’s game takes off as they learn about God and apply their faith to their sport.


Education takes priority over sports. Our goal is to prepare and equip each student athlete with the proper support, guidance, and knowledge to achieve a higher education. We understand that our goal of college volleyball scholarships cannot happen without the education preparation done in school. It is our goal to prepare and equip our students to become future college graduates!

Who We Are:

Kele Eveland

Kele is a 1st Team All-American setter, former professional volleyball player, previous NCAA Division-I coach, and owner of kelescamps.com and SetterTraining.com. She is a Georgia Tech grad and the only female athlete in school history to have her jersey retired. She earned a degree in Management from Georgia Tech and a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.

Her dynamic personality and highly motivational attitude energize players, coaches, and professionals to meet the challenges of the world around them, including sports, leadership, team dynamics, confidence building, servant leadership, and the challenges of connecting sports & faith.

Delisha Peterson

Delisha is graduate of Florida A&M University where she played volleyball and was a 3x 1st team All-Conference player. She coached high school and club volleyball for 9 years while in Florida. She earned a degree in Graphic Design from FAMU, a Master’s in Interactive Technology from Florida State University, and a Master’s in Digital Media from Georgia Tech.

Delisha is currently the co-owner of Burnt Orange Design, a web design & development company in Atlanta. She has a passion for coaching and leading players to the highest levels of sports and education through emphasizing the importance of service, discipline, and strong faith.

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